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EasyLights Controllers

Why EasyLights?

The EasyLights system is designed to help you put on an animated lighting show with little to no technical knowledge. All EasyLights controllers can operate in a completely stand-alone manner. They do not require a dedicated PC or any external device to store the show data, music or to control playback. All functions from setup, playlist and schedule creation, sequence purchasing and monitoring are handled online through a web browser on any computer, smartphone or tablet. There is no additional software to buy or download. EasyLights controllers support wired or wireless networking for ease of placement in your display and convenient connection to your home network. Sequences purchased from the EasyLights.com store are paired with your uploaded audio files and are downloaded to the controller automatically, via your wired or wireless network connection. Once you set up your EasyLights controller and get it online, you will never have to touch it again to add content or make changes to your show. Multiple EasyLights controllers on the same network will automatically detect each other and synchronize their clocks and playback.

The EasyLights.com content store is organized by song, and is filterable by season and compatible prop types. Designing a show is as simple as picking which songs you would like to play, and purchasing the EasySequence for compatible props. All sequences on the EasyLights.com store originate from well-respected designers in the holiday lighting community who have worked hard to build fun, creative lighting content. Combining multiple props with the same song is as easy as checking a box. For example, if a song has an AC Singing Faces EasySequence and a 16×50 Pixel Tree EasySequence, they will both be available and listed on the same page, and are designed to work together as one cohesive show.

What is it?

The EasyLights Controller comes in two varieties, based on what kind of lights will be connected. The 16 Output Pixel Controller is for RGB (Red, Green, Blue color mixing) LED “Pixels” also known as “Smart Lights” and the 24 Output AC Controller is for anything else that can be plugged into a typical wall outlet.

The 16 Output Pixel Controller is used for more dynamic props like the Mega Trees, Matrixes, Leaping Arches, and most other props that change color, while the 24 Output AC Controller is used for almost anything else.

Examples of things that can be connected to the AC Controller are inflatable decorations, plastic blow mold figures, existing strings of lights (LED and Incandescent), laser star showers, flood lights, and any other display item that you would like to turn on and off with the music. The AC Controller is also commonly used for Singing Faces, which move their mouths and blink their eyes to the lyrics of a song.

Easy but powerful – and designed to grow with you

Under the hood, EasyLights controllers are some of the most powerful in the industry. For DIY and custom applications, the EasyLights 16 Output Pixel Controller supports up to 65 universes (10,880 pixels + 1 universe of native DMX) of lighting data over wired E1.31 (sACN) or Art-Net input, while maintaining 25 ms (40 FPS) refresh rates. Additional hardware features of the EasyLights 16 Output Pixel Controller include:

  • A built-in 10/100 mb/s ethernet switch for daisy-chaining multiple controllers
  • Voltage and Current monitoring on both input power banks
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Per-output blown fuse indication, detection and remote notification
  • Hardware Real-Time Clock with capacitor backup (45 days endurance)

EasyLights Controllers are not “locked-in” to the EasyLights.com store or content system. They can also function as E1.31 or Art-Net slave controllers as part of a show controlled by a computer, lighting console, or from another external source. Even when operating in E1.31 or Art-Net mode, the benefits of remote monitoring and fault reporting are still available through the EasyLights.com customer dashboard.

Your guests will love us too!

We didn’t just design a powerful but easy-to-use controller, website and content store – we also designed and built our own custom, FCC Certified (FCC ID: 2ANC4HCELFM) FM Transmitter and Audio Board! With easy, online control to enable and set the frequency, and line-out volume control, you will be up and broadcasting in no time.

Where to buy?

EasyLights Controllers, packages and accessories are sold exclusively through HolidayCoro.com