EasyLights Bulbeasylights

The first cloud-based residential lighting controller. EasyLights provides sequences, and hardware bundles for you to create animated light shows yourself.


Songs are EasySequences that have music and lighting data.


Controllers store music, lighting, playlist and schedule data to drive RGB "Smart" LEDs, Existing AC light strings, and more.


Packages have both hardware and music. Everything you need to get up and running.

I love my EasyLights, setup was a breeze! Now my entire neighborhood is talking about my front yard.

Tom, Wichita, KS

Our Team

Infrastructure & Support Planning
Solution Architect

At its core, the EasyLights team is a group of electrical, networking and software engineers. They took their passion for animated lighting shows, and created EasyLights as a way for individuals to create shows without technical expertise or the need for outside contractors to set it all up.

From boring to fabulous in a matter of hours, it couldn’t have been simpler.

Bonnie, El Paso, TX

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